Judge will not order Ford County to open second polling location in Dodge City

Judge will not order Ford County to open second polling location in Dodge City

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) Update: Thursday night, Nov. 1, 2018 A federal judge says Ford County will not have to open a second polling location in Dodge City. Voting for Dodge City will remain at the Western Kansas State Bank Expo Center, outside the city. The decision was handed down late Thursday evening. Judge Daniel Crabtree's decision, in part, boils down to timing as it's too late to open another voting location in Dodge City with less than one week until Election Day. He said Ford County would have to reprogram the voter registration database, assign new locations and notify all voters of where they'd have to vote. He also said Ford County Clerk Debbie Cox has notified voters of the voting-location change through several outlets: by letter, through mail and on the Ford County website. The judge said opening another location would most likely create more confusion and that it's not in the public's interest for this to happen. .

Crabtree also rejected an argument that a new voting location was needed because of overcrowding. He said he understands that opening a second location might help, but the plaintiffs in this case have had 20 years to make that claim and fix it if there's a problem. Ultimately, the judge ruled there isn't enough evidence currently to show the ACLU would prevail if this case did go to trial. The only polling location that will be open on Election Day for Dodge City voters is the Expo Center, just outside the city. Thursday night, the ACLU of Kansas responded to the judge's decision, as expected, expressing disappointment. .

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