Long-term hello: Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Long-term hello: Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

ICONS don’t come much bigger than the Africa Twin. And the 30th-anniversary Adventure Sports version of Honda's already large Africa Twin puts an emphasis on the big. With 270mm ground clearance and a screen that finishes in line with the top of my head, the big ‘Twin is an intimidating bike to look at. Thankfully though, it’s an absolute pussycat to ride.Jumping, no - climbing on the Africa Twin Adventure Sports (or ATAS), I’m reminded by how well the designers at Honda lay everything out - Switchgear, controls, pegs. All perfectly positioned. And it’s a tough job to design something that works for a full-sized human and someone as vertically challenged as I am. Once I’m on the move it becomes instantly clear that the bike's apparent bulk evaporates away as soon as it turns a wheel. .

The ride back from Honda’s PR depot in Corby was a perfect reintroduction to bikes after a month or so out of the saddle. So far, I’ve had ridden 350 miles with the bike, covering motorways, B-roads and some light trails. With that in mind I thought it was a good time to share my first impressions with you. So, the good bits: Riding position: Even with the lowered seat there’s no pressure on my knees or lower-back and the reach to the bars keeps my arms in a relaxed position. Standing up on the pegs to navigate speedhumps, the bars sit just above my waist, although the gear lever and back brake are an awkward angle and require shifting my body-weight to operate them. Not a massive problem in deepest, darkest Islington, more of an issue on the trails though. Engine: What at first felt a tad underpowered, is actually just a well fuelled and solid unit. It’s got a broad spread of torque that still feels like it’s pulling until about 4500rpm. .

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