New Duster lifts Dacia to same market share as Nissan

New Duster lifts Dacia to same market share as Nissan

The biggest mistake for anyone to make when summing up Dacia is to think of it as a provider of cheap, basic, boring cars. A major update for the Duster is now taking the brand right into the mainstream, with an emphasis on value rather than low pricing.  Is there a better example of just how strong Dacia has become than its recent matching of Nissan Europe's market share? ACEA's numbers for the first three quarters of the year place both on 3.3 per cent. Even if Nissan has (for now) a higher number of deliveries. After the plunge in September, registrations in the EU and EFTA were up by 2.5 per cent for the year-to-date. Dacia, however, managed a rise of 13.7 per cent to 405, 619 cars. It has stayed ahead of SEAT (3.0 per cent market share and a +20 per cent gain to 363, 220), closed the gap to Citroen (3.8 per cent, +6.0 to 470, 845), has overtaken Kia (3.1 per cent, +5.7 per cent to 385, 818) and isn't too far behind Hyundai (3.5 per cent, +7.1 per cent to 425, 854). .

It's Nissan though that it's in real danger of being surpassed by Dacia. The Japanese make's deliveries dropped by 9.1 per cent to 411, 278 which means that even though it's ahead, market share has fallen to an identical percentage. Groupe Renault keeps on investing in Dacia, tweaking existing models and tapping into a desire among so many buyers for cars which are not overly complicated or overloaded with technology that tends not to get used. As long as value and economy are strong, the cars look good and costs such as insurance are low, who cares that there is no radar cruise control, automatic parking, push-button start or electronic parking brake? Quite a lot of Dacia owners, it seems. A close look at the latest Duster shows where Renault saves money. .

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