This 2000 M5, the Most Well-Rounded BMW of All-Time, Is Near Perfection

This 2000 M5, the Most Well-Rounded BMW of All-Time, Is Near Perfection

‘Most well-rounded BMW of all-time’ is a hefty statement to toss out there, but it doesn’t make it a false one. Here’s another weighty but nonetheless true claim: the early-’00s was peak BMW — as in, every single car in its lineup was a stunner in the looks and performance department and the E39 M5 was in the upper echelon. This particular 2000 M5 is near spotless, only has a few minor modifications, and even with 94, 000 miles on the clock, it’s near perfection. In the early 2000s, BMW managed to strike the perfect balance between performance and luxury, across its entire portfolio. It’s safe to say, in the past couple of years BMW has leaned more heavily into luxury in a bid to chase Mercedes. Not that it’s making crap can cars that candle corners, but they do stretch the definition of a ‘driver’s car’ pretty thin these days. .

The E39 M5, on the other hand, has a wonderfully versatile 3.9-liter V8 which pulls from everywhere in the rev range, no matter the gear. It cranked out 394 bhp at 6, 600 rpm and 369 lb-ft of torque at 3, 800 rpm, so there isn’t a corner too tight or a highway too long where it feels out of place. The cabin wrapped around you isn’t track orientated, nor is it super-luxe, cushy and numb — it feels like the right choice, no matter the occasion. Dinner party? Of course. Canyon carving? Hell yea. .

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