This Adorable And Ultra-Rare Honda S800 Racing Could Be Yours

This Adorable And Ultra-Rare Honda S800 Racing Could Be Yours

It has an estimated value of around $100, 000. When you hear about a rare car heading to auction images of Ferraris and Lamborghinis likely dance in your head. Rarely, if ever, does your mind conjure up a picture of a Honda, but it should. This Sunday, November 4, an ultra-rare Honda S800 Racing will roll across the auction block. It’s one of two ever built, and it has an estimated value of €75, 000 ($85, 462 at current exchange rates) to €95, 000 ($108, 252). Who would have thought a spritely four-cylinder Honda would one day have such enormous value.  Other cars that could be yours: The two Honda S800 Racing models came from Honda France in 1967, according to Silodrome. .

The car debuted at the Paris Motor Show. Based on the Honda S800, the S800 Racing took the four-cylinder engine, which featured an advanced dual-overhead cam and an 8, 500-rpm redline, and bumped power 20 horsepower to 90. Honda debuted the S800 in 1965. By the time the S800 Racing appeared, Honda had added a shaft drive and a live rear axle. A “five-speed all-synchromesh dogleg gearbox” fed power to the limited slip differential. Honda France sold the S800 Racing seen here to Alfred Bullman in 1969 who regularly campaigned the car. .

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