Toyota Canada Inc. reports record October sales, best month ever for Lexus

Best sales month ever for Lexus, up 11.6%, led by RX and NX New October monthly record for Toyota division, up 9.9% Hybrid sales set new monthly record, up 24.6% TORONTO, Nov. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - October was a month of sales records, reports Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI). Overall, TCI sold a total of 21, 672 vehicles (up 10.2%).In addition to multiple models setting sales records, the company's Lexus division reported best sales month in history, with 2, 916 units sold (up 11.6%). The Lexus RX and Lexus NX helped boost the luxury brand, with 1, 070 RX units sold (up 0.1%) and 1, 008 NX units sold (up 23.8%).Toyota division reported a new October record, with a total of 18, 756 units (up 9.9%) compared to 2017. Strong sales were led by a best month ever for Canadian-made RAV4 with 5, 607 units sold (up 20.7%). .

Already a top seller in Canada, the Toyota RAV4 continues to gain popularity with Canadians, supporting the trend for continued truck demand.Record Hybrid salesHybrid sales continue to climb, as strong consumer demand for electrified vehicles continue to grow in 2018. Outpacing overall growth, Hybrid vehicle sales set a new October monthly record with 2, 242 units sold (up 24.6%). Hybrid vehicles represented 19% of the company's total sales in October.Additional October Highlights: TCI car sales of 7, 938 units, up 9.7% Corolla sales of 4, 298 units, up 19.3% Includes Corolla Hatchback of 669 units Toyota brand truck sales of 11, 558 units, up 10.8% (new October record) Tundra sales of 1, 056 units, up 40.5% (new October record) Highlander sales of 1, 356 units, up 7.1% (new October record) Overall Lexus car sales of 740 units, up 21.7% Lexus ES sales of 346 units, up 126.1% Overall Lexus truck sales of 2, 176, up 8.6% (best month ever) About Toyota Canada Inc.Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Toyota has sold over 5 million vehicles in Canada through a national network of ....

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