Toyota, Honda October Sales Dip Despite Record Light-Truck Results

Toyota, Honda October Sales Dip Despite Record Light-Truck Results

Despite an extra selling day last month, Toyota U.S. sales fell 2.5% on an adjusted basis in October, tallying 191, 102 units. There were 26 selling days last month vs. 25 in October 2017. Although seeing record light-truck volume at the Toyota brand, Toyota North America’s monthly total once again suffered because of falling car deliveries. Wards Intelligence data shows combined Toyota and Lexus car sales fell 10.8% on an adjusted basis to 66, 928, while their light-truck sales rose 2.7% to 124, 174. Toyota brand car sales fell 12.1% on a daily-selling-rate basis with all nameplates save for the new Corolla hatchback in the red. The Corolla Hatch rose 3.5% on deliveries of 1, 604 units. Camry sales showed more resilience than other car nameplates, dipping just 1.4% on an adjusted basis to 29, 914, making the midsize sedan Toyota’s No.2 seller in October. The Corolla sedan was down 15.3% to 20, 416 units, while the Avalon and Prius suffered losses in the 21% range; the Yaris iA posted a 60.4% decline on 1, 102 sales. Toyota Div. .

light trucks rose 4.2% on a DSR basis with 109, 703 deliveries notched. Despite suffering a 4.1% DSR loss, the RAV4 midsize CUV again was the brand’s No.1 seller in a month, with 34, 004 sales. Toyota says the Highlander midsize CUV and 4Runner midsize SUV had record October sales, of 20, 548 and 12, 624, respectively. Both models were up from year-ago on an adjusted basis. Toyota’s Tacoma midsize and Tundra large pickups had mixed results. The Tacoma posted a hefty 24.9% DSR increase on 20, 534 sales, while the Tundra fell 8.2% on 9, 571 units. Toyota light trucks posting losses on an adjusted basis include the C-HR small CUV (-3.0%), Sienna minivan (-9.2%) and Sequoia large SUV (-13.9%). In total, the Toyota brand sold 168, 385 vehicles in October, down 2.2% on a DSR basis. At Lexus, sales fell 4.6% on 22, 716 deliveries. In a twist of the narrative for most brands this year, it was light trucks that upended the brand’s result, not cars. Lexus car deliveries were flat, up 0.6% on a DSR basis, but light trucks fell 7.0% due to losses at all nameplates. The LX large SUV posted the biggest drop, down ....

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